Jul 27 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm



How to Cultivate Brilliance in Your ADHD Middle Schooler: A Survival Guide for Parents – Session 3

In this 4-session parent class, Katherine Quie, Ph.D.,L.P., will focus on the brain chemistry behind ADHD, key parenting strategies that cultivate success in middle-schoolers, the family impact of ADHD, the benefits of neuropsychological assessment, and how to embrace ADHD challenges and turn them into opportunities for brilliance. Each session will provide ample time for conversation and support.


Session 3: Understanding Neuropsychological Testing and Cognitive functions that are often impacted by ADHD 

  • How to use test findings to help your child thrive
  • Common school-based and private testing recommendations for middle schoolers with ADHD

*The cost of this event is $160 for all four sessions.

The event is finished.