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Shoreview, MN


Sep 12 2019


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Olive Me Chiropractics

Come join child psychologist, recent founder of ADHD&U (www.kqadhdandu.com),  and new author, Katherine Quie Ph.D., L.P. for a book signing at Olive Me Chiropractics. Katherine has practiced as a child psychologist with a specialization in pediatric neuropsychology for many years.

Katherine decided to write her own book about raising a son with ADHD when she was in the thick of parenting her son, an off-the-charts ADHDer. Her son is now in college, which allowed her to FINALLY publish.

Raising Will: Surviving the Brilliance and Blues of ADHD is a heartfelt, humbling memoir written by a Texan turned Minnesotan mother and child psychologist. Her heart breaks for Will when he is repeatedly banned from Fun Friday in 1st grade shortly after he is diagnosed with ADHD. The family zig-zags through an obstacle course of therapies, medication side effects, tutoring, and sleepless nights, while shining a light on Will’s inherent strength – blues guitar. Her readers will surely recognize themselves in this story and find solace, laughter, and hope as they celebrate the surprising blessings ADHD can bring.

Katherine was thrilled when she was referred to Dr. Zgia Hoffpauir by one of her work-out friends at the YMCA. Her neck injury was acting up and she wanted a doctor with excellent skills, bedside manner and positive energy. Having a female doctor is an added bonus.

Dr. Zgia is the perfect fit!

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