Aug 10 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Edina Art Center

Katherine Quie is a child psychologist, author, speaker, and recent founder of ADHD&U, PLLC.

A talk and Q&A with author and child psychologist, Katherine Quie, about her memoir and newly founded cause, ADHD&U. Raising Will is a heartfelt, humbling memoir written by a Texan turned Minnesotan mother and child psychologist. Her heart breaks for Will when he is repeatedly banned from Fun Friday in 1st grade shortly after he is diagnosed with ADHD. The family zig-zags through an obstacle course of therapies, medication side effects, tutoring, and sleepless nights, while shining a light on Will’s inherent strength – blues guitar. Katherine brings you into her private world as she struggles to make sense of ADHD, encounters saintly characters along the way, and gains compassion for others in similar worlds.

Katherine started ADHD&U in 2018. Will had just left for college and she had time to reflect on the next chapter in her life. Given Katherine’s concern about the rise in ADHD, and desire to help those impacted, she developed ADHD&U as a platform to spread the word on how to help.

Copies of her memoir will be available for purchase and signing.

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